MicroCineFest 2000 schedule

All screenings will be held at The G-Spot* for $3 a ticket, unless otherwise noted.
* (2980 Falls Road, near Chestnut Avenue in Hampden)
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Festival Passes available for $30 (a $63 value).
Box office opens 1 hour before the first screening each day


80 shorts and 10 features make up this year's programming, along with parties and guest speakers.

Awards will be given in all the usual categories, as well as The Low Budget Film Award, given to the coolest film made for less than $1,000, and The Low Budget Video Award, given to the coolest video made for less than $100. This year's jury includes; Cashiers Du Cinemart editor, Mike White; The Maryland Film Festival's Gabe Wardell; and Big Mama (Cine) Fest's Shayna Nickel.

Opening Night WED, NOV 1:
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7:00 - 35mm shorts
HATE* (*a comedy), Drew Daywalt, David Schneider, Marichelle Inonog & Mark Colbert, 21:55, 35mm (shown on video)
Scalp!, Patrick Bagot, 11:40, 35mm (shown on video)
Limboscape, Tim Finn, 4:30, 35mm (shown on video)
The Chromium Hook, James Stanger, 36:45, 35mm (shown on video)
Moving Illustrations of Machines, Jeremy Solterbeck, 9:35, animation, 35mm (shown on video)
Rejected, Don Hertzfeldt, 9:30, 35mm (shown on video)

9:00 God Made Man (world premiere!!!)
God Made Man, Crazy Pete, 88:00, 35mm (shown on video)

11:00 Opening Night Party, sponsored by Insound ($6, or FREE w/ticket stub or pass)


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6:00 - The Accountant
The Accountant, Glenn Gers, 106:00, 16mm (shown on video)

8:00 - "Heavy" shorts
Smash, Richie Sherman, 19:00, 16mm
It Did It, Peter Brinson, 18:00, video
URBANKITCHEN Episode 1: Grape Soda Chicken w. Tom Boram, Juliette Goodwin + Jerry Lim, 19:00, video
The Halloween God, Steve Slease Steele, 13:00, video
The Bingo Caller, Risky BBQ, 22:30, 16mm (shown on video)

10:00 - Rock Opera
Rock Opera, Bob Ray, 90:00, 16mm & Super8 (shown on video)

midnight - The Edge Of Quarrel
The Edge Of Quarrel, David Larson, 120:00, video


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5:00 - FREE outdoor screening at The Coffee Mill (36th & Chestnut) as part of First Fridays In Hampden, featuring
La Vie en Rose, Jennifer Baise, Kari Busch, Russ Forster (JERK Productions), 4:45, 16mm (shown on video)
Coffee Time, Teddy Chao, 2:00, video
Wargames, Kasumi Minkin, 1:40, mixed media (shown on video)
Slumber Party's 'I DON'T MIND' music video by Russ Forster, 3:00, Super 8 (shown on video)
Hype Machine 2000, Crazy Pete, 10:00, video
Poem Rocket's 'BOX' music video by Liz Bustamante, 3:50, 16mm (shown on video)
Tilt's 'ANIMATED CORPSE' music video by XXXXXXXXXXX, 3:00, video

8:00 - "That's Psychotronic!" shorts
Toy Troubles, Adam Jordan, 0:40, video
Hot Broads, Brittany Hague, 17:00, 16mm (shown on video)
Harry Knuckles and The Treasure of the Aztec Mummy, Lee Demarbre, 25:00, 16mm
Creepees vs. Monster Number Two (the trailer), Scott Calonico/Rob Timbrook, 2:30, super 8 (shown on video)
Santiago vs. Wigface, XXXXXXXXXXX, 6:45, 16mm (shown on video)
Gas Huffin' Bad Gals!, Harry McCoy, 25:00, 35mm (shown on video)

10:00 - "What The...?" shorts
Nitwit Predelick, Xan Price, 7:30, video
East Of the Mississippi, Todd Rohal, 3:00, video
I Want To Be Like Roy Rogers, Avner Kam, 4:20, 16mm (shown on video)
Where's Jim Kim?, W. Clay, 18:30, 16mm
A Spy: Hester Reeve Does the Doors, Suzie Silver, 4:15, video
P-13, Nathan Pommer, 13:00, 16mm
Atomic Roadkill, John Moynihan, 14:36, video
Not Everyone Cares About Football, Andrew McAllister, 4:40, super8, 16mm, VHS (shown on video)
The Simpletons, Christina Reilly, 12:57, DV & 16mm (shown on video)
Booger, Evan Mather, 1:00, video

midnight - Acne
Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love (the trailer), Elza Kephart, 1:30, 35mm (shown on video)
Pacifier, O. Perez, 10:00, 16mm, (shown on video)
Acne, XXXXXXXXXXX, 72:00, 16mm


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2:00 - Prank-Doc sidebar presentation by Craig Baldwin (FREE)

4:00 - Doomed Planet
Vert Remixed
, Evan Mather & Kirk Hostetter, 7:07, video
Doomed Planet, Alex P. Mayer, 85:00, video

6:00 - Radio Free Steve
Radio Free Steve,
Jules Beesley, 82:00, video

8:00 - "Experimiscellaneous" shorts
A Special Message To You From Mike Z, Mike Z, 5:00, video
What Boys Want, Roger Beebe, 2:30, 16mm
Crescent Time, Simon Tarr, 3:00, video
Nu, Marah Amberlyn Strauch, 3:00, 16mm
Slow Death of A Large Animal, Mark Hejnar & T.M. Caldwell, Sound by Larval, 6:00, 16mm (shown on video)
MANAPE, Emmy Collins, 0:20, 35mm stills & drawing (shown on video)
Schizophrenia circa 1986, Jeanne Vitale, 3:12, 16mm (shown on video)
Phases, Marcus Young, 4:00, video
The Vyrotonin Decision, Matt McCormick, 7:00, 16mm
Sincerely, Joe P. Bear, Matt McCormick, 4:00, 16mm
Jeff, Mark Hejnar, 4:00, video
Depression, Matthew Fern, 0:54, Super 8 (shown on video)
Dance Habibi Dance, Usama Alshaibi, 3:45, 16mm (shown on video)
Split, Ya-Nan Chou, 2:00, 16mm
Fansom the Lizard, Evan Mather, 9:22, video
Les Pantless Menace, Evan Mather, 3:40, video
Buena Vista Fight Club, Evan Mather, 1:50, video
The Effigy of Forget, James Dingle, 6:26, video
Sadisinfectenz, Giulia Frati, 2:02, 16mm

10:00 - Cool shorts
Master Foot Theater, Bianca Bob, 3:50, DV & surveillance cameras (shown on video)
Mysterious World of Birds, David Hardin, 3:00, digital animation (shown on video)
Special Report, Bryan Boyce, 4:00, video
Jaws the 13th, Monroe Bardot, 3:00, video
Election Collectibles, Bryan Boyce, 4:00, video
Basic Rules of Restaurant Etiquette, Jim Jacob, 7:41, video
Frank's Monday, Michael Connor, 1:00, 16mm (shown on video)
Anarchy Monkey, Alex Roper, 0:30, video
Devil In My Tubesocks, Angel in My Underwear, Nathan Pommer, 3:45, 16mm (shown on video)
Chewie's Star Wars Holiday Special, David & Cable Hardin, 4:00, flash animation (shown on video)
Mondo Ford (world premiere!!!), Ricardo Fratelli, 7:00, 16mm (shown on video)
Hype Man, Marc Hartzman, 2:30, video
Girl With A Rice Cake Saves the World, Andrew Sterling, 5:00, video
The Princess and The Oyster, Astrid Riemer, 5:00, 16mm
Gardener III: Revenge., Jason Woliner, 7:00, 16mm (shown on video)
Cow and Turtle, Jeannice Angela, 1:00, Flash animation (shown on video)
Lee Hazelwood in New York, Michael Galinsky, 7:00, video
Tributary (trailer), Russ Forster, 3:00, (shown on video)
Untitled, Jeff Kussmann & Ryan Steele, 4:00, video
Lucy's Dream, Relah Eckstein, 12:30, 16mm

midnight - JMM Double Feature
Superstarlet A.D.
, JMM, 72:00, 16mm (shown on video)
Elvis Meets the Beatles, JMM, 22:00, video


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2:00 - (FREE) They Came For The Silion & Reruns
Coffee Mill shorts program repeat
They Came For the Silion, Jeffrey C. Ballentine, 38:00, video

4:00 - "Modern Superheroes" shorts
The Girls From H.A.R.M.!, Pat Bishow, 72:00, video
Zero Squad: Attack!!, Robert Smart, 25:00, 16mm

6:00 - CLOSING NIGHT FEATURE: Dropping Out
Dropping Out, Mark Osborne, 93:00, 35mm (shown on video)

8:00 - festival favorites, awards ceremony, closing night party


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