Sun Nov 5


2:00 - FREE!!!

They Came For the Silion
Jeffrey C. Ballentine, 38:00, video

In classic Ed Wood style, bad directing, bad dialogue, and bad special effects still make a ‘great’ B movie! “When a mad scientist’s plot to create atomic henchmen unfolds, the Metro City police are called in. A by-product of this maddening experiment, the radioactive Silion pulse, makes its way through space, eventually finding and disrupting the communication array of a powerful alien race. Even as the Metro City Police use all measures to stop the mad scientist’s plot, an even more powerful foe comes to them from the stars. Can Metro City survive this horror? And why does this terror befall the citizens of Metro City? They Came for the Silion.”

Jeffrey C. Ballentine, 1579 Monroe Dr Suite F #140, Atlanta, GA 30324, T 404-892-4129,,

Plus repeat screenings
of these shorts from
Friday's Coffee Mill

La Vie en Rose
Jennifer Baise, Kari Busch, Russ Forster (JERK Productions), 4:45, 16mm (shown on video)

Coffee Time
Teddy Chao, 2:00, video

Kasumi Minkin, 1:40, mixed media (shown on video)

Slumber Party’s ‘I DON’T MIND’
music video by Russ Forster, 3:00, Super 8 (shown on video)

Hype Machine 2000
Crazy Pete, 10:00, video

Poem Rocket’s ‘BOX’
music video by Liz Bustamante, 3:50, 16mm (shown on video)

music video by XXXXXXXXXXX, 3:00, video



4:00 - Modern Superheroes

Zero Squad: Attack!!
Robert Smart, 25:00, 16mm

Phantom City’s beloved Governor Krisp has been kidnapped by Mr. Jynx, the leader of the most ruthless terrorist organization known to man: The Zero Squad. At the side of Mr. Jynx is an evil scientist by the name of Master of Robots, whose robotic skills are unstoppable. Gov. Krisp’s only hope is Phantom City’s favorite protector of the streets, Lady Danger, and ex-crime-fighter Bruiser McCloud. Each has a score to settle with Jynx, so you can bet the outcome won’t be pretty.

Rob Smart, 1504 N Dearborn Pkwy #412, Chicago, IL 60610, T 312-640-0185,

The Girls From H.A.R.M.!
Pat Bishow, 72:00, video

Mysterious stock market darling Whal Technologies are up to no good. Fortunately, the girls from H.A.R.M. are on the case. With their deadly kung-fu moves and sexy skintight black outfits, they’re saving the world and looking good doing it! You won’t want to stay out of H.A.R.M.’s way! A new superhero epic from the creator of EL FRENETICO & GO GIRL.

Pat Bishow, Amusement Films, PO Box 26, NYC, NY 10028, T 212-388-2319,,



6:00 - Closing Night Feature: DROPPING OUT

Dropping Out
Mark Osborne, 93:00, 35mm (shown on video)

Kent Osborne (star of HERD - MCF '99) wrote and stars in this dark comedy, directed by his brother, Mark Osborne (MORE), filled with over-saturated cartoon colors, pop-culture references, oddball characters, and one of the funniest, non-depressing treatments of suicide ever filmed.

Between his cable going out, and a smashed jar of mayonaise triggering a painful memory of lost love, TV-addicted Emile Brokton decides that his life, unlike the colorful thumbs-up reality he's used to seeing on TV, is not worth living. But his simple plan to videotape his suicide turns into a major production after he gets his co-worker , Henry (SNL's David Koechner) involved, and they discover that there's quite a market for autobiographical snuff flicks.,


8:00 -FREE!!! Closing Night Extravaganza

While the jury is deliberating, join us as we watch some of the audience's festival favorites. Then stick around and be the first to know who wins which awards. And finally, hang out for the Closing Night Party, where we'll relax, mingle, watch some video oddities & rarities, and blow off some steam.


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