Thur Nov 2


The Accountant
Glenn Gers, 106:00, 16mm (shown on video)

This “no-budget magical-realist disaster movie, shot for $62,000, in 88 locations with 120 actors”, is the story of a gentle man living a double life as “The Accountant”, a vigilante who tries to protest the lack of civilized behavior in New York by handcuffing litterers to trashcans. But thanks to an imposter’s manipulation of the media, and the media’s manipulation of the public’s mind, he inadvertently brings about the end of civilization. A narrator-hero guides us through a Dickensian tale involving 18 principal characters -- reporters, cops, beggars, gangsters, actors, community activists, and a billionaire -- in a tragicomedy of race, class, good intentions and bad luck.

Glenn Gers, 415 Venice Way, Venice, CA 90291, T 310-823-3161


8:00 - "Heavy" shorts

Richie Sherman, 19:00, 16mm

“A body rolls down the street and the narrative takes off from there”. Expect some beautiful cinematography, some thought-provoking anecdotes, and a few unconventional details thrown in to make sure you’re paying attention.

Richie Sherman, 69 Grosvenor St, Athens, OH 45701, T 740-592-1531,,
It Did It
Peter Brinson, 18:00, video

“This is my story before and after I took Prozac”. A self-reflexive, scientific, experimental documentary (with kittens and flying saucers).

Peter Brinson, 6132 1/2 Carlos Ave, Hollywood, CA 90028, T 323-871-2450,
URBANKITCHEN Episode 1: Grape Soda Chicken w. Tom Boram
Juliette Goodwin + Jerry Lim, 19:00, video

A cooking show set in the urban landscape, hosted sparingly by two heads, one of which is Juliette Goodwin (PLATIPUSSY – MCF ’98, ENGAGE – MCF ’99).

Adult Baby Prod. USA c/o Juliette Goodwin, 3808 Beech Ave, Baltimore, MD 21211, T 410-662-7959,,
The Halloween God
Steve Slease Steele, 13:00, video

After being told for 37 years that he was too old and grown up to enjoy Halloween the way he used to, the narrator discovered the “Secret of How to Do It Right”, which he shares with us so that we may try it too. A screen adaptation of a Blaster Al Ackerman story.

Steve Slease Steele, 2824 Calvert St, Baltimore, MD 21218, T 410-467-6803,
The Bingo Caller
Risky BBQ, 22:30, 16mm (shown on video)

A recent widower has six beers and goes to play bingo. A modern homage to Edgar Allen Poe from Risky BBQ Productions (THE TOURNAMENT - MCF’98).


10:00 - ROCK OPERA

Rock Opera
Bob Ray, 90:00, 16mm & Super8 (shown on video)

The comedic tale of Austin musician Toe’s struggle to put together a tour for his band, PigPoke. Through selling dirt weed, stabbing people in the back, and double-crossing half a dozen of the meanest sons of bitches in Texas, Toe puts himself in a position to achieve his dreams. If you’re a stoner musician, or just like to laugh at them, ROCK OPERA should be right up your alley.

Bob Ray, T 512-916-9682, F 512-280-5383,,



The Edge Of Quarrel
David Larson, 120:00, video

If the powers that be decided to make an After School Special about the battles between the punks and straight-edgers, it probably wouldn’t be as authentic as this. Rocky Votolato (of Waxwing), John Pettibone (formerly of Undertow), and Dann Gallucci (of The Murder City Devils) star as three old friends who have grown apart over a four year absence and now find themselves on different sides of a Punk vs. SxE conflict.

Excursion, PO Box 20224, Seattle, WA 98102,,

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