Sat Nov 4


2:00 - FREE!!!
"Press Play to Agitate:
Pirates, Parodists, and the Prank-Documentary"
a sidebar presentation by Craig Baldwin

Appropriation. Culture-jamming. Politics with a satiric edge. These topics and more will be covered in a presentation by Craig Baldwin that will also include examples from many well-known culture-jamming organizations & individuals.

Craig Baldwin is the curator of San Francisco's "Other Cinema" short film/video showcase, and an accomplished filmmaker in his own right (SONIC OUTLAWS, TRIBULATION 99, SPECTRES OF THE SPECTRUM - MCF '99).




Vert Remixed
Evan Mather & Kirk Hostetter, 7:07, video

Evan & Kirk made a critically acclaimed documentary called VERT. Then internationally renowned multimedia-fusion-artists, The Nazareth Brothers, asked Evan & Kirk for all the raw VERT footage and permission to make their own cut of the film. Permission was granted with one stipulation: no new footage could be shot. The end result is a new and different documentary about a man’s hobby of throwing rocks into bodies of water.

Evan Mather,,


Doomed Planet
Alex P. Mayer, 85:00, video

“America’s Favorite Low-Budget Armageddon Comedy!” Public Access TV serves as a weapon in Seattle’s cult wars, as the Sad Flower Cult battles the Doomed Planet Cult in their ongoing panhandling and membership drives. A three-fingered Jerry Garcia, Charlie Manson, porn stars and Tad (not an imposter) make cameos as the story goes from the streets of Seattle, through the airwaves, to Tokyo and Bruce Lee’s grave, to Germany, and finally into the new millenium and past the expected apocalypse.

Galaxaco, 2318 2nd Ave PMB#1081, Seattle, WA 98121,,




Radio Free Steve
Jules Beesley, 82:00, video

In 1999 avant-garde filmmaker Lars Von Biers discovered Steve working for a small video duplication company in Texas. Steve told Von Biers of a movie called RADIO FREE STEVE that he made in 1984, but never finished. Steve shot the entire movie while on a road trip to Hollywood with the help of his best friend, Dirk, and his reluctant girlfriend, Trish. After watching just an hour of the raw footage, Lars agreed to help Steve finish the film. Now, after 15 years, the world can finally see his seminal masterpiece....

In post-nuclear-war America, mankind struggles to survive. Radioactive fallout blankets the earth. Flesh-eating mutants roam the highways. And the FCC won’t let anyone on the radio. America’s only hope is the last living radio pirate, Radio Free Steve, who cruises the Texas highways, broadcasting new wave music and a message of hope from his radio equipped van. With a twinkle in his eye and an itchy middle finger, Steve fights for freedom the only way he knows how: killing mutants and flipping off the FCC. Meanwhile a ruthless bounty hunter named Dirk (played by Steve’s best friend) tracks Steve from his souped-up Camaro Z-28. Steve decides he better hide out before the FCC finds him. He rescues his slave-girl (played by Steve’s then girlfriend, Trish) from a lame party and heads out into the Forbidden Zone -- a harsh desert wasteland inhabited by anyone that Steve could convince to be in his movie: a flamboyant minimalist art curator, a new age guru, acid-eating punks, treacherous preppies, and deadly Buddhists.

Jules Beesley, 65 Hill Street, Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94110,,


8:00 - "Experimiscellaneous" shorts

A Special Message To You From Mike Z
Mike Z, 5:00, video

“The most important tape that you will ever see”. This new one from Mike Z (HOW TO START A REVOLUTION IN AMERICA - MCF’99) reinforces why an audience member at last spring’s JHFF, felt the need to yell, “Mike Z is God!” after a screening of Z’s MY LEFT NUT.

Mike Z, PO Box 80, Glen Ridge, NJ 07028, T 917-404-5334,,

What Boys Want
Roger Beebe, 2:30, 16mm

Take a handful of colored Sharpies, a roll of 20 years old Dupont black and white film stock, a Lite Brite, an animation motor, a Betty doll, a hamburger and a Bolex. Put them in a bag and shake vigorously. The result is this simple and comic portrait of a boy paralyzed by his idiotic desire.

Roger Beebe, 313 NW 2nd St, Gainesville, FL 32601, T 352-271-4265,

Crescent Time
Simon Tarr, 3:00, video

Monologue becomes dialogue as image, text, and voice intersect and fold back upon one another through this hypnotic night in the desert. A new one from Simon Tarr (BURNING CONTOUR MATRIX - MCF ‘98).

Simon Tarr, 114 Carnegie Building, University Park, PA 16802,,

Marah Amberlyn Strauch, 3:00, 16mm

“Drenched with unrealized eroticism, punctuated by pop music, if desire had a voice she would speak French with a Parisian accent. Each subtitle becomes a title for the image. This film is a love poem about secret crushes, imaged voyeurism, and almost naughty daydreams”.

Marah Strauch, 184 East 3rd St Apt. 1C, New York, NY 10009,

Slow Death of A Large Animal
Mark Hejnar & T.M. Caldwell, Sound by Larval, 6:00, 16mm (shown on video)

A video composed of scavenged 16mm films from the wastelands of Detroit. Shadows of emulsion-damaged 30’s circus footage juxtaposed with a brooding, elegiac soundtrack create a sinister and melancholic mood. See Mark’s JEFF, also showing at MCF 2000.

Mark Hejnar, PO Box 578503, Chicago, IL 60657-8503, T 773-764-0436,

Emmy Collins, 0:20, 35mm stills & drawing (shown on video)

“Ugly man morphs into beautiful ape”. MANAPE is the 25-second audition tape that landed Emmy Collins (HEADSHOT - MCF ‘99) not one, but TWO roles (man AND ape) in the new Planet of the Apes movie, THE VISITOR, directed by Tim Burton. Don’t miss Emmy as Gay Jesus in Crazy Pete’s GOD MADE MAN, also showing at MCF 2000.

Frugality Films, 229 S. Westlake Ave #205, Los Angeles, CA 90057-2447, T 213-484-5929,,

Schizophrenia circa 1986
Jeanne Vitale, 3:12, 16mm (shown on video)

Shot on 16mm in the mid-1980s. By contrasting real quotes with images of NYC’s homeless, the schizophrenic nature of our culture regarding wealth is revealed with gallows humor. Even the vocals on the original soundtrack were taken from a real answering machine message. The film was completed in 1999, after Jeanne Vitale finally learned how to edit.

Jeanne Vitale, 78 E 7th St #2, Brooklyn, NY 11218, T day 212-500-4975, T night 718-972-0861,

Marcus Young, 4:00, video

Video face dancing. A witty expression of choreographic synchronicity and counterpoint, it alludes to Asian theater masks and resembles a scientific etude of facial expression. The video is made in one performance take.

Marcus Young, 1827 Elliot Ave #2, Minneapolis, MN 55404, T 612-871-6008,

The Vyrotonin Decision
Matt McCormick, 7:00, 16mm

A post-modern disaster epic featuring thirty-six appropriated television commercials from 1971. Using a hole punch, junk store splicer, and lots of tape and glue, this film is a hand made film constructed from the images and sounds of dumpster-rescued television studio discards from the days before video replaced 16mm production.

Matt McCormick, Rodeo Film Company, PO Box 40835, Portland, OR 97240, T 503-282-6082,

Sincerely, Joe P. Bear
Matt McCormick, 4:00, 16mm

Polar bears, ice queens, lost love... appropriated news clips from the 1960’s combine with hand-painted film to tackle the momentous issue of how polar bears cope with heartbreak and rejection.

Matt McCormick, Rodeo Film Company, PO Box 40835, Portland, OR 97240, T 503-282-6082,

Mark Hejnar, 4:00, video

Manipulated media imagery and sound are mixed with Milwaukee location footage and fantasy recreation to create an obsessive, disturbing look at serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer. From Mark Hejnar (TV MINISTRY - MCF ‘99, AFLICTION, HERD MENTALITY).

Mark Hejnar, PO Box 578503, Chicago, IL 60657-8503, T 773-764-0436,

Matthew Fern, music by Marcus Watkins and Blair Bestin, 0:54, Super 8 (shown on video)

A time-lapse view of one depressing evening. A new one from Matthew Fern (PENGUIN SOUP - MCF ‘99).

Matthew Fern, Ferndog Productions, 1444 1/2 Edgecliff Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90024,

Dance Habibi Dance
Usama Alshaibi, 3:45, 16mm (shown on video)

“Mythological creatures parade and swim in an acid Greek mythos. This is the broadcast from beyond, with lurid flesh, Arabesque disco and eye candy for the starved.”

Usama Alshaibi, Chicago Historical Society, 1601 N Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60614-6099, T 312-642-5035 ext 327 or 312-409-3890,

Ya-Nan Chou, 2:00, 16mm

Ya-Nan Chou (PINPOINT - MCF ‘99) returns with another of her trademark Fabric Animations, this one made mostly with embroidery, fabric collage and paint on fabric. SPLIT is about a heartbroken woman who splits herself from the relationship she used to live in.

Ya-Nan Chou, 5923 White Oak Ave, Encino, CA 91316, T 818-705-1682,

Fansom the Lizard
Evan Mather, 9:22, video

Based on family folklore, this is the true story of a pet lizard who travels from his home in Louisiana to Las Vegas in search of adventure. A vibrant fusion of hand-drawn and computer generated animation.

Evan Mather,,

Les Pantless Menace
Evan Mather, 3:40, video

A flying army of naked Barbies (with something sinister on their minds) descends to the peaceful lemon planet to wreak havoc. The fourth in Evan’s series of animated Star Wars shorts (QUENTIN TARANTINO’S STAR WARS & GODZILLA VERSES DISCO LANDO - MCF ‘98).

Evan Mather,,

Buena Vista Fight Club
Evan Mather, 1:50, video

Set within the context of an AVINO catalog, a trio of musicians go on a bloody rampage.

Evan Mather,,

The Effigy of Forget
James Dingle, 6:26, video

Robots conduct mysterious experiments in an underground laboratory. Fans of the Brothers Quay’s stop-motion animation will enjoy this!

James Dingle, 1809 Robert St, New Orleans, LA 70115, T 504-891-1422,

Giulia Frati, 2:02, 16mm

“A filmic poem describing the obsessive need to manipulate the feelings and the senses of a virtual lover”.

Giulia Frati, 5309 Parc Ave #12, Montreal, PQ, H2V 4G9, Canada, T 514-490-1982,



10:00 - Cool Shorts

Master Foot Theater
Bianca Bob, 3:50, DV & surveillance cameras (shown on video)

Classic tales are reenacted by a “cast” of feet and hands belonging to Bianca Bob (NUMBER ONE LOCAL, AINT GONNA PEE IN THE CUP, CAFE ME - MCF ‘97). The Palm & Pinky Players -- as this “troupe” is known, is an ensemble of talented digits and appendages known for their unusually liberal rewrites of stories, and for calling other players ‘FAT BOY” for no apparent reason. The two episodes in this series are “The Fox, The Crow and The Cheese” and “Waiting For Godot”, which are very kinda sorta based on the Aesop fable and Beckett play of the same name. All other similarities end there.

Bianca Bob, Bbob Films, PO Box 384, New York, NY 10014, T 212-229-8327,

Mysterious World of Birds
David Hardin, 3:00, digital animation (shown on video)

It’s a quick and simple animated documentary about the nocturnal habits of birds... with a blooper reel tacked onto the end!

Killing Time Pictures, 2029 Eastwood Road #131, Wilmington, NC 28403, T 910-509-2890,

Special Report
Bryan Boyce, 4:00, video

The spirit of old-time exploitation cinema possesses America’s favorite news anchors.

Bryan Boyce, 1731 15th St, San Francisco, CA 94103,

Jaws the 13th
Monroe Bardot, 3:00, video

If you’ve seen one killer shark movie, you’ve seen them all... except for this one. A new flick from Monroe Bardot (JIMMY JANG JANG - MCF ‘98, KUKLA FRAN & ADOLF - MCF ‘99).

Video Bardot, PO Box 5940, Baltimore, MD 21208,

Election Collectibles
Bryan Boyce, 4:00, video

G. W. Bush and Al Gore sell Campaign 2000 memorabilia on the Home Shopping Network, and go slowly insane.

Bryan Boyce, 1731 15th St, San Francisco, CA 94103,

Basic Rules of Restaurant Etiquette
Jim Jacob, 7:41, video

Jim Jacob (AN INTRODUCTION TO FILM NOIR - MCF ‘98) returns to educate us further, this time about acceptable behavior in restaurants.

Jim Jacob, 210 Park Ave, River Forest, IL 60305, T 708-366-9748,

Frank’s Monday
Michael Connor, 1:00, 16mm (shown on video)

A different kind of car commercial. A different kind of car.

Michael Connor,

Anarchy Monkey
Alex Roper, 0:30, video

Anarchy Monkey is the product of that sinful fornication between capitalism and counterculture commodified in the form of a stuffed monkey with a blue mohawk. He’s cute. He’s cuddly. He speaks for no one. He’s a tool of the very same man he sticks it to. Anarchy Monkey is your pint-sized mascot ready to pedal punk pleasures to the pop population of rebellious Generation X, Y and Z. All in thirty seconds of orgasmic bedazzmobility. Yeah, man!

Devil In My Tubesocks, Angel in My Underwear
Nathan Pommer, 3:45, 16mm (shown on video)

Episode XXIII in the saga of Scotty Ruben! The portals of Heaven and Hell open before our hero whilst enjoying a slice of pizza... the title explains the rest. Don’t miss Nathan’s P-13, also showing at MCF ‘2000.

Nathan Pommer, 180 Prince St. Apt 20, New York, NY 10012, T 212-334-2567,

Chewie’s Star Wars Holiday Special
David & Cable Hardin, 4:00, flash animation (shown on video)

Years after Star Wars, Chewbacca invites Luke, Lando, and Han over to his trailer to watch the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.

Killing Time Pictures, 2029 Eastwood Road #131, Wilmington, NC 28403, T 910-509-2890,

Mondo Ford (world premiere!!!)
Ricardo Fratelli, 7:00, 16mm (shown on video)

An undiscovered gem from the golden age of “mondo” movies. Did Gerald Ford kill JFK? MONDO FORD has the answer.

AD&D Productions, 5313 Peacedale Lane, Austin, TX 78723, T 512-929-0605,

Hype Man
Marc Hartzman, 2:30, video

The Hype Man hypes DJ’s at their shows. But what does he do during the day?

Marc Hartzman, 204 3rd St, Hoboken, NJ 07030, T 201-656-1056,,

Girl With A Rice Cake Saves the World
Andrew Sterling, 5:00, video

A girl with a rice cake stumbles across a mad scientist bent on destroying the human race with a mysterious box that will melt peoples’ heads if they are on the phone. Will the button be pressed? Will the symbolism of the rice cake be revealed? Will the hope of love save the day for all mankind??!!!

Andrew Sterling, 25 Jacksonville Rd, Towaco, NJ 07082,

The Princess and The Oyster
Astrid Riemer, 5:00, 16mm

Mixed media animation -- a prince, a princess, a magical mollusk and true love. Don’t miss filmmaker Astrid Riemer in Brittany Hague’s HOT BROADS, also showing at MCF 2000.

Astrid Riemer, F 908-238-0373,

Gardener III: Revenge
Jason Woliner, 7:00, 16mm (shown on video)

The Lumiere Brothers’ 1896 short, “L’Arroseur Arrose” (“Tables Turned On The Gardener”) is considered the first use of film as an art form. This is the long-forgotten, recently unearthed concluding chapter of their “Gardener Trilogy”.

Jason Woliner, PO Box 245, Pelham, NY 10803, T 914-738-5091,,

Cow and Turtle
Jeannice Angela, 1:00, Macromedia Flash (shown on video)

Cow falls on turtle.

Jeannice Angela, 244 Cumberland St, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11205,

Lee Hazelwood in New York
Michael Galinsky, 7:00, video

The man behind Nancy Sinatra’s success talks about their lesser-known film careers.

Michael Galinsky c/o Insound, 149 Wooster St 4th floor, New York, NY 10012, T 212-777-8056 ext.24,

Tributary (trailer)
Russ Forster, 3:00, (shown on video)

At MCF ‘97, we showed a trailer for a work-in-progress about tribute bands being made by several filmmakers, including Russ Forster (SO WRONG THEY’RE RIGHT). Since then, those filmmakers have parted ways. Two of them finished the original tribute band documentary, while Russ started over from scratch, looking at the subject matter from a different perspective.

Russ Forster,

Jeff Kussmann, Ryan Steele, 4:00, video

“A night in Hampden”. A lone convenience store clerk is harassed by a video camera-toting troublemaker.

The Lab Productions, 1711 Bolton St, Baltimore, MD 21217

Lucy’s Dream
Relah Eckstein, 12:30, 16mm

Lucy is a cute dog who dreams she’s a Woman, who’s in love with her Master, who fantasizes she’s a drummer in Jimmy Angel’s Rock n’ Roll band. Lucy is currently undergoing therapy. Features former Baltimorian/Go Go’s drummer, Gina Shock.

Relah Eckstein, Pajama Life Productions, PO Box 18123, Encino, CA 91416, T/F 818-881-7822,,



midnight - a JMM double feature!!!

Elvis Meets the Beatles
JMM, 22:00, video

Things get real gone when the Fab Four visit Graceland. Based on the actual August 27, 1965 meeting, it’s “All facts based on what someone else says is TRUE!!!”

Guerrilla Monster Films, 1910 Madison Ave, PMB #3577, Femphis, TN 38104,,


Superstarlet A.D.
JMM, 72:00, 16mm (shown on video)

Imagine going beneath the planet of the apes, beyond thunderdome, and beyond the valley of the dolls... all in one movie!!! After the apocalypse, in the town of Femphis, the surviving men have de-evolutionized into Neanderthals, while the surviving women have banded together into rivaling gangs based on hair color (the blonde PhayRays, the brunette Satanas, the redheaded Tempests). While the three gangs battle for the Earth’s dwindling supplies of lipstick and ammunition, a fourth gang emerges, Superstarlet A.D., made up of all hair colors and on a quest to find film footage of their burlesque star ancestors.

Guerrilla Monster Films, 1910 Madison Ave, PMB #3577, Femphis, TN 38104,,



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