Fri Nov 3

5:00 - 7:45 FREE outdoor screening at The Coffee Mill as part of First Fridays In Hampden
(on Chestnut near 36th St./The Avenue in Hampden).
The program will play in continuous-repeat, and will be made up of various shorts from the entire festival, plus these...

La Vie en Rose
Jennifer Baise, Kari Busch, Russ Forster (JERK Productions), 4:45, (shown on video)

Rose is a white cat. The world revolves around Rose. Just ask Rose.

JERK Productions, 23145 E Melrose, East Detroit, MI 48021
Coffee Time
Teddy Chao, 2:00, video

An experimental examination of caffeine, this is part 3 of a series of films examining the addictions of one of the founders of the Johns Hopkins Film Festival.

Teddy Chao, 244 Cumberland St, 2nd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11205,,
Kasumi Minkin, 1:40, mixed media (film, video, still images, original artwork, public domain images), shown on video

Athletes and the Olympics; soldiers and war; this fast-paced, found-footage techno video asks the question, “What’s the difference?”

Kasumi c/o Synapse Productions, 1594 Rydalmount, Cleveland, OH 44118-1350,,
Hype Machine 2000
Crazy Pete, 10:00, video

The makers of our opening night feature, GOD MADE MAN, documented their attempts to get their film recognized by important members of the film industry: they sent the film’s characters to visit various Hollywood offices.

Peter Nelson, Diatribe Films, PO Box 48469, Los Angeles, CA 90048,
Slumber Party’s ‘I DON’T MIND’
music video by Russ Forster, 3:00, (shown on video)

Russ Forster,
Poem Rocket’s ‘BOX’
music video by Liz Bustamante, 3:50, 16mm (shown on video)

Liz Bustamante, 301 Humboldt Str, 3rd floor, Brooklyn, NY 11211, T 718-599-2331,

music video by XXXXXXXXXXX, 3:00, video



8:00 - "That's Psychotronic!" shorts
This screening is dedicated to Melanie Scott, founder of the Washington Psychotronic Film Society, who passed away recently at the early age of 38.

Toy Troubles
Adam Jordan, 0:40, video

So you think you’ve seen every James Bond film? Just wait ‘til you see 007 in TOY TROUBLES.

Adam Jordan, 3535 Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA 94602, T 510-482-3835,

Hot Broads
Brittany Hague, 17:00, 16mm (shown on video)

After a plague wipes out almost all males, gangs of tough gals battle each other for the survivors.

Brittany Hague, 4300 Ave C, Austin, TX 78751, T 512-419-0578,

Harry Knuckles and The Treasure of the Aztec Mummy
Lee Demarbre, 25:00, 16mm

Harry Knuckles (a.k.a. Special Agent Spanish Fly) is back, in a two-fisted archeological adventure that doesn’t pull any punches. In the course of his quest to unearth an unholy treasure and to save his daughter’s life, Harry goes mano a mano with everything from Beatnik bank robbers to the insidious hordes of the Undead. Part Hong Kong action flick, part Mexican wrestling flick, part Italian horror flick, all encapsulated in a banana fueled, music driven epic adventure.

Lee Demarbre, 402-201 Lavrier Ave, East Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6P1, Canada, T 613-233-8709,,

Creepees vs. Monster Number Two (the trailer)
Scott Calonico/Rob Timbrook, 2:30, super 8 (shown on video)

Japanese garage rock band, The Creepees, battle evil and try to rescue Seiko, the smartest boy in the universe. This is just the coming attraction to the much anticipated follow-up to THE COLLEGIANS ARE GO!!! (MCF’99).

AD&D Productions, 5313 Peacedale Lane, Austin, TX 78723, T 512-929-0605,

Santiago vs. Wigface
XXXXXXXXXXX, 6:45, 16mm (shown on video)

Santiago wakes to find his girlfriend, Cutthroat, taken by the evil Wigface. Once again, Santiago is primed to do what he does best... destroy all evil!


Gas Huffin’ Bad Gals!
Harry McCoy, 25:00, 35mm (shown on video)

Some might consider this a parody of Russ Meyer’s FASTER PUSSYCAT KILL KILL, but we think it stands on it’s own as a psychotronic exploitation masterpiece. Fresh out of the slammer, Diesel McGillicuddy teams up with a pair of fellow bad gals, and together they go on a gas huffin’ violence spree. Shot in glorious black & white by Jonathan Bekemeier (TITLER - MCF ‘99).

Harry McCoy, T 978-392-8534,


10:00 - "What the...?!" shorts

Nitwit Predelick
Xan Price, 7:30, video

A randy couple plays “hot damn” and licks pictures of horses while wigs shudder and babies scream. It’s a nitwit licking fit!

Xan Price, 475 Kent Ave, 7th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11211, T 718-599-7464,,

East Of the Mississippi
Todd Rohal, 3:00, video

The epitome of Zen captured in a single shot, from Todd Rohal (KNUCKLEFACE JONES & SINGLE SPACED - MCF ‘99). Don’t miss Todd Rohal as a drunk accordianist in W. Clay’s WHERE’S JIM KIM?, also showing at MCF 2000.

Todd Rohal, 1336 Ode St #10, Arlington, VA 22209, T 703-465-2261,

I Want To Be Like Roy Rogers
Avner Kam, 4:20, 16mm (shown on video)

Kamchik the Singing Cowboy sings of his career aspirations while being tied to a truck.

Avner Kam, 39 E 12 Street, #307, New York, NY 10003, T 212-477-4143

Where’s Jim Kim?
W. Clay, 18:30, 16mm + Super8 (shown on 16mm)

“A series of strange non-events leads to an even stranger anti-climax. Live squirrel + dead ant = movie”. Don’t miss filmmaker W. Clay playing a psychic in Richie Sherman’s SMASH, also showing at MCF 2000.

W. Clay, 3837 1/2 Keystone Ave, Culver City, CA 90232, T 310-839-1451,

A Spy: Hester Reeve Does the Doors
Suzie Silver, 4:15, video

A gender-bending lip-syncing of a Doors song by Hester Reeve, who embodies a new manifestation of Jesus, walking in a video field of pulsing rainbows, amoebic forms, and B-movie girls in black panties.

Suzie Silver, 5727 Elwood St, Apt. E3, Pittsburgh, PA 15232,

Nathan Pommer, 13:00, 16mm

When a legion of trans-dimensional terrorists kidnap Scotty Ruben, only the wholesome power of oatmeal can save him.

Nathan Pommer, 180 Prince St. Apt 20, New York, NY 10012, T 212-334-2567,

Atomic Roadkill
John Moynihan, 14:36, video

The anarchic travails of a hapless roadhouse band in the post apocalypse. This may be your only chance to see an animated Christopher Walkin doing a soft-shoe song & dance routine.

Ilium Productions, 373 Broadway - Suite C3, New York, NY 10013,

Not Everyone Cares About Football
Andrew McAllister, 4:40, super8, 16mm, VHS (shown on video)

A young man wakes up to find his sacred picnic table is missing. This propels him into a world of balloon-taunted hitmen and Sesame Street-like sing-a-longs, forcing him to reexamine the importance of having a grandma.

Andrew McAllister, 525 Bellevue Ave E #401, Seattle, WA 98102, T 206-568-0700,

The Simpletons
Christina Reilly, 12:57, DV & 16mm (shown on video)

An armless bartender, an offensive ventriloquist act, a computer sex-game, the set of a porn film, and a female guitarist with amazing musical abilities all collide in this look at the lengths we all go through for love, sex, and human connection.

Christina Reilly, T 703-798-7631,

Evan Mather, 1:00, video

Somewhat self-explanatory.

Evan Mather,,


midnight -

Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love (the trailer)
Elza Kephart, 1:30, 35mm (shown on video)

A shy nurse gets bitten by a zombie and turns into a flesh eating sex kitten. This is the coming attraction for an upcoming 35mm, silent, black & white feature mixing 1920’s German Expressionism and 1960’s B-horror styles.

Bastard Amber Productions, 1055 Bernard #6, Outremont, Quebec H2V 1V1, Canada,,

O. Perez, 10:00, 16mm (shown on video)

At the tender age of 13, O. Perez impersonated an adult and wrote a couple of letters to Penthouse Forum. Now, as an adult, Mr. Perez interprets one of these letters in a campy celebration of adolescent sexual fantasies.

Oscar Perez, 800 3/4 Lucile Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90026, T 323-906-9447,

XXXXXXXXXXX, 72:00, 16mm

A punk rock, sci-fi, horror, comedy, black & white feature. When their hometown water supply is laced with an experimental chemical, the town’s teenagers become the unsuspecting victims in a plot conceived by Government, Corporate, and Military forces. Teenagers turn into acne-headed pus-spewing mutants. The only way for them to eat is to rub junk food directly onto their exposed brains. In search of the truth, teenagers Franny and her brother Zooey are drawn onto a dark journey through the subterranean back roads of America; trapped in a surreal race against time, they try to find their enemies before they meet a disastrous fate. Don’t miss XXXXX’s SANTIAGO VS. WIGFACE, and music video for Tilt’s ANIMATED CORPSE, also showing at MCF 2000.



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